Friday, September 3, 2010

Roll 2d6 for Penetration on the Mailman

Had a rather crappy day at work, but it turned around when I got home.  Two surprises!  Well, one surprise and one patiently waited for parcel.

First, the resin:
Special weapons pack Rogue Trader style
Missile launchers for my Long Fangs.  Meltaguns for my Grey Hunters.  Flamers will be given to the Blood Claws I'll eventually build.

Phobos Pattern Boltguns!

"Get your ass to Mars"

Not a huge fan of these, but hey...I never turn down the stabby.
This was a complete surprise.  I assume it was from b.smoove over at A Gentleman's Ones( for submitting a couple banners.  Way way out of proportion with what I was able to do with photoshop.  I didn't even place and this was a consolation prize?  A true gentleman indeed!  I'm already trying to figure out how to convert this metal monstrosity.(You could easily crack a skull with it.  Very weighty.)  I'm envisioning a Frost Axe/blade with storm shield.  Then again, x2 wolf claws and saga of the warrior born is magical.  Just not a fan of putting so many points behind a simple 3+ armor save.

WIP Progress pics on the Rune Priest and a Grey Hunter will be posted sometime this weekend.  Just started a new job so painting's been slower than usual...I didn't even think that was possible.  Plans for tonight include a level or two of Metro 2033 followed by my 50th odd viewing of Zombieland while bringing two mini's back up to grey from a wash with Devlan Mud and Leviathan Purple.

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  1. 'twas I.

    I tried to make each prize fit what the interests of the entrant, or what I could glean of the matter anyway. I thought he'd find a pleasant home with you, and I'm pleased you liked him.

    Also, Rogue Trader Missile Launcher for the Win. Just brilliant.