Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small Beginnings and Willful Dissent

First, what I've been up to as far as hobbying goes:

Practice mini for my red techniques?  Or start of a Chaos Warriors Army?  Both!  Still needs lots of work.

And these two are the start of my Great Crusade Era Space Wolves.  I'm scrapping the old and replacing them with the older!  Still need to GS over that pin in the right arm.

Need to scrape and sand that GS.  Looking like ass right?

Now the soapbox:

I'm a huge fan of the Black Library.  I have a case full of books and I add more with every new release.  Well, that's a bit of a lie since I've recently started purchasing eBooks instead of physical copies.

I can only imagine that the addition of fresh writer blood and the influx of capital from the runaway success of the Horus Heresy series has flooded their coffers.  I'm glad for this.  I want Black Library to succeed.  They're putting out fantastic material nowadays and I very much want it to continue.


They have taken to a rather distressing practice of Limited Edition runs.  I applaud them for offering their fans prestige format novellas.  They give excellent value to the fans that want them.

What I do not...what I cannot the way they have chosen to go about doing this.  They are denying us stories.  Their latest offering, The Kindness of Ravens, will be limited to 3,000 copies retailing(if that word even applies in this case) at $50 USD.  These copies will be sold out in hours.

This is the Kindest of choices as it is a continuation of an audiobook release.  The prior releases that I know of have been Horus Heresy stories that will lead into future releases.  For instance, Aurellion by Aaron Demski Bowden.  I have seen information that suggests that Nick Kyme's, Promethean Sun, will lead into a future HH novel from him as well.

I'm going to be silly.  I'm going to exercise my right as a human being to rage against the flame that burns.  If you're a blogger reading this AND YOU AGREE then please repost this in your own words on your page.  Let's boycott Black Library's latest foray into absurdity.  They will listen.

I am not calling on a boycott of Black Library.  I reiterate, I love their novels.  I will continue buying them as long as they continue printing them.


Limited Editions hurt more than they help.  No stories should be kept from the fans because of price or release window.  We share this world.  So fucking share it.  They printed a silver edition of Aurellion due to fan feedback.  Black Library appreciates it's fans.  If we tell them that this is something WE DO NOT WANT I have faith that they will find a way to give us what we do want.  Stories for all that want them.

I could purchase this novella.  I am not a man that denies himself the things he desires.  The twenty five Forge World marines I'm currently working on are evidence enough of this.  I choose not too.

Boycott the Limited release of, The Kindness of Ravens, if you agree.  If you do not...well...enjoy the reading experience that the majority of your fellow gamers will never have the pleasure of sharing.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Thunderwolf Cavalry Marine Assembled and Magnetized

Picked up a box this morning and I've been messing with my first TCav in between bouts of Skyrim.  I'm very pleased with the kit.  It would have been better if GW had included more options to customize the riders themselves, but oh well.  Space Wolf players have no shortage of bits.  Still, what I wouldn't give for some older Mark helmets with Space Wolf detailing.

Enough talk...the pics:

As you can see, there are some seem issues.  Mainly in the face.  I need to use more liquid green stuff.  I try to water it down so much that it's tough to gauge coverage until it's fully cured.

These models must be magnetized at the wrists.  Most of the weapon options are attached to fists rather than entire arm sculpts.  The power fist is a full arm piece, of course, so that is a bit of a hassle.  I can't help, but feel GW did this on purpose.  Fewer players magnetizing equals more models sold.  Maybe I'm just being paranoid.  I use the same size magnets as with my Dark Eldar.  If you're curious I include the size in posts below this one.

It looks like the magnet is not properly set, but that's because I had to shave off the top of the hand's wrist.  I made a noob mistake and screwed up my polarity.  These magnets are a bitch to pry out if you mess up.  For the record, I do not like the way these storm shields are attached to the top of the fist.  It almost forces stock assemblers to set the shield arm at a certain angle.
This is going to be my test model so I'm planning on priming him tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll get some actual painting done as well!  Thanks for looking folks.