Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skin is the New Black 12/21

Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money is queued up on XBL, but it cycles endlessly through a load screen when I A button that obstinant executable.  This has forced me to paint and make my own photo box out of duct tape and foam board from a painter's palette.  Its so weird not painting space marines.

Clap your hands or cover your mouths because all orifices can be made to know suffering...

More DE wip pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tallarn Flesh basecoat for refurbished flesh and  Dheneb Stone for actual flesh.

I still haven no idea what color I'm going to make the bodysuit.  Possibly blue.  Really just working on my gold.  Scorched Brown/Shining Gold mix to pure shining gold to burnished gold to burnished gold/mythril silver mix.  Consecutive Gryphonne Sepia washes followed by leviathan purple painted into the recesses.

Still my first warrior squad...


Foam board

Duct tape.
The 1 minute Light box.

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