Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why I hate Games Workshop Paints...

Deja vu.  Its like this almost every time I go to paint.  A color I was planning on using is dried out despite being securely closed.  Last week it was Chaos Black...this week Leviathan Purple.  I want to go through my GW paint pots to see exactly how many are still viable, but I'm too afraid!  I've been slowly building up my Vallejo Game Color collection to replace my others.  I'm done with Citadel paints.  DONE!  Well, except for their washes and foundations...I love them too much.  Too bad my Mordian Blue dried out as well.  VGC is just so hard to find.  My only local retailer is Dreamland Comics in Vernon Hills, but they have incomplete stock and seem to have restocking issues.(I've been begging them to restock their black, but no dice so far.  Probably because they want to get out of gaming altogether since a Games Workshop opened up ten minutes down the street)  Online retailers aren't much better.  The Warstore is out of black and has been for at least a month.  To quote an American icon, "AARRRRGGGHHH!"  Just a few pics of my test models.

My lovely girlfriend, Tabitha, proudly displaying the source of my despair.  Power from Pain indeed!
My test Wych.  I'm thinking gold for the armor plates and purple for the bodysuit.
Not entirely sure about what I'm going to do with the Hellions schemewise.  Possibly green and black.


  1. I don't know what to tell you, man! I've been in the hobby for a year and a half now and I have yet to experience a paint drying.. Do you carry your paints around? Do you keep them in the car? Could be the cold weather we've been having... ;_;

  2. That ring of paint on the upper lid may be your problem. It is formed from drippings when you have the lid opened and when you close the lid it forms a hard ring which can prevent your lids from sealing properly even though it may look sealed. The new paint pots don't have that problem as the drippings fall right back into the pot, although paint accumulation in the back by the hinges can create an air hole in that case. You can store your paint upside down so that the liquid forms a seal which prevents air from entering and drying out the inside.

  3. I generally try to clear the dried paint, but I kind of figure thats what the problem is. I keep my paint indoors at all times and stored inside a cabinet. My Mithril Silver has just been added to the pile of dead paint. It also had a dried paint ring.