Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wolf Lord and Archon Progress

Made an order to the Warstore and Secret Weapons Miniatures today.  This motivated me to get some work done on projects collecting dust.  Namely my Bran Redmaw model.  He was my first attempt at magnetizing a terminator chassis and arms.  The torso was dremmeled out and magnets were superglued and green stuffed into place.  At first, I cheaped out and only used paper clips bent into circles and green stuffed onto the arms.  This was done to conserve magnets, but the hold has never been to my liking.  I decided to dremmel out some new arms and build up a configuration to make him a Counts As Logan Grimnar.  Logan's going to unlock Wolf Guard as troops for me, but his GW official model is ridiculous looking.

In total, this one magnetized Wolf Lord Chassis will eventually come to represent various Wolf Lords/Wolf Priests/Rune Priests/Logan Grimar/Njal/etc etc.

I also finally got off the fence and ripped off the arms on my Archon.  Dusk Blade + Soul Trap is a nasty configuration, but I prefer the cheaper Agonizer/Blaster setup in games that aren't IC heavy.

A bunch of new Grey Knight bits on my cutting board.


  1. I love the double ended force sword and shield. The concept is better than fantastic!


  2. Thanks for the compliment I'm sure we'll see tons of them as the new plastic Gray Knights kits circulate.