Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead, Remember those who have fallen

I'm sure this will be one of many blogs regarding this issue.  I apologize to any non-Americans for wasting your time on off topic BS, but this is a good day for us.  We had all, but given up on a resolution to that day so long ago.

I just want to send my thanks out into the universe.  Thank you for the tireless efforts of our military and intelligence forces.  Especially, the special operations team that successfully executed their mission.  Thank you to Pakistan for their aid in locating him.  Thank you for all foreign aid and well wishes that have been given to the US in our time of need.  The world cared.

My regret is that we wasted so many lives and time in Iraq for the sake of pretense.  It makes me sick when I think of how the previous administration's incompetence and outright corruption sullied the reputation of our homeland.

That said, all nations must remain vigilant because, in the end, there is no justice.  There's just us.


  1. We all felt what happened to America even here in England. It was important for your country that he was found and brought to justice. He may have just been a figurehead of late but in the eyes of the western world he was the face of terrorism. The only problem is now you have 1 up on them and they are not the sort of people to just let that go unanswered. They will hit back, lets just hope were all ready for it this time.