Monday, September 12, 2011

Poll: Help me decide

I'm at a cross roads regarding my Dark Eldar.  I decided to renovate them a few weeks ago and part of this decision involves whether to stick with my original scheme or a new one.  The bloody red scheme is the original. The green and gold is a more traditional DE scheme of edge highlights and dark paint for the majority of the surface area.

If you feel like weighing in; please comment on which one you think looks better.  In the end, the decision is my own, but I'd honestly like some input.

I wasn't using my usual camera so if the pictures are too dark please say so and I'll reshoot them.


  1. They both look nice, but the green and gold pops more for me.

  2. I agree with sonsoftaurus, they both look good, though the green does stand out more and just seems eviler lol

  3. Thanks for the input guys. I agree with your points I'm just afraid that I'm not able to pull the green off as it's a bit more technical. I'm think I'm going to try it out though.

  4. When you look at Eldar, you think bling. Dark Eldar evoke a feeling of deadly bling. You want to brighten them up and increase contrast on their color scheme. Don't think in terms of red or green. Think of how you can use high contrast colors that are brilliant and light. Spend some time with some colored pencils and a color wheel. Put on some good heavy metal or dubstep and just tune into your creativity and see what happens. I bet you will surprise yourself. Can't wait to see the results!