Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Overdue Update (Photo Heavy)

It's been a while blah blah blah.  No explanations because no one cares about that.  On to the miniatures!

First of all, I got an airbrush and compressor for my birthday in October.  Nothing fancy.  It's an Iwata Neo.  You can generally find them for forty to fifty bucks.  It's a nice entry level brush.  It's not really suited to detail work, but it's more than able enough for basecoating and experimentation with the intent of upgrading at a later date.

Here's an example of the kind of results I've been able to achieve so far with it.  I think it's very smooth and this result was achieved in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a brush.


Assembled and magnetized a Talos.  I was originally going to work it so that I could switch between the Talos and Cronos, but I dropped that idea.  1) Because the Cronos, when taken in the context of all the other choices we have in our Heavy Support slots, is lackluster.  2) It would have taken a larger number of my precious magnets.  So, I magnetized both arms and the tail weapon mount.  After the fact, I'd realized that magnetizing the shoulder sockets was stupid.  I should have magnetized the forearm joins.  At the time, I'd reasoned that the snug push fit forearms were enough to switch on the fly.  Unfortunately, they get more loose each time you switch.  Duh huh?

My Archon.  Fully magnetized so that I can make just about any HQ/wargear mix I want.  I might have posted this guy before, but I can't be bothered to go back and look.  I just ordered some bits from the warstore's thanksgiving weekend sale to make this guy into The Duke as well.  Depicted here are the uber expensive CC monster and the standard(Read: Cheap) Archon set up.

My Lady Malys Counts As.  I'm still mulling over whether I want to leave her as is or make a plasticard fan.  I'm a big fan of the sculpt despite the unit the miniature actually represents being of questionable quality.  I got a shamefully large amount of pleasure out of the models pose allowing me to pin her to the skulls on the base. Like she's gliding across the battlefield.  At least, that's the way I like to see it.

I'm currently running the Archon above, Lady Malys, and eight Incubi in a Raider.  Super expensive!  Here's the breakdown on the charge:  fourteen S3 attacks at I7, four S5 I6 attacks, and twenty one S4 I5 attacks.(IIRC)  All with power weapons.  It's very deadly, but I do miss my Haemy.  He just doesn't fit that well with the Incubi because anything that makes it through their armor will likely negate FNP anyway.  Ahh, but when they get Furious Charge on them...look out!  It's a deadly unit with fair staying power.  Plus, the redeployment hijinks Malys brings to the table keeps my opponent guessing.

Now, if only I could get the GK players out there to acknowledge that all their powers are psychic powers and "immune" leaves very little room for interpretation.  In my mind, even Hammerhand should be negated.  I can acknowledge the grey area though.  A lot of people would argue that only psychic shooting attacks are effected.(cough GK Players cough)  I wish GW would FAQ'd this...then again...it's a Xenos vs. Marine issue so I'm sure if a FAQ was released Lady Malys would be rendered absolutely useless.

Some work done on my Wyches.  Still lots to do, but progress is progress.  I've exceeded my upload limit so single shots will have to be posted tomorrow or so.  For now, here's a group shot.  The Hekatrix is fully magnetized.  I only included one special weapon Wyche in the squad because I rarely run a full ten.  If I do I like to save the points.

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