Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haemonculus WIP

I still have plenty of work to do on him, but I'm getting there.  He's going to be rebased on one of the Bone Fields once he's painted up.  Well, maybe.  I'll have to see how easy thats going to be with the worms near his feet.  This is the Urien Rakarth model, but I don't think I'll ever run him as Urien.  More likely an Ancient Haemi or normal Haemi.


  1. Really, really nice work so far. Can't wait to see the finished model.

    What did you use for the flesh-tone btw?

  2. Wow, really nice of you to say thanks.

    Started with Tallarn Foundation. Vallejo Game Bronze Flesh over that. Then gradually thinner layers of Elf Flesh, Rotting Flesh, Rotting Flesh/Bleached Bone. Then added Dead White to that as a highlight, but used sparingly. Threw in a Sepia wash after the Elf Flesh.