Monday, May 2, 2011

Secret Weapons Bone Fields Review Pt. 1

When I saw Secret Weapons Miniatures new Bone Fields line I knew I had to have them for my Dark Eldar.  This was a problem considering I'd already decided, no resin bases for my Dark Eldar.  Now, I must rebase a number of minis as I get new sets of ten BF bases in.  I received my first ten last week.  They've been prepped by soaking them in cool soapy water to remove the mold release agent still coating the bases.

Now the hard part!  Putting, mainly, metal minis on resin bases.  Oh the pins...the pins.  Test mini is an Incubi.  Problem 1:  Slot Bases.  Problem 2:  Stance is too far apart for easy pinning on the base.

Solutions?  Cut the slot off.  Grin and bear it.  Only one foot could be pinned onto the base.  This is because of another problem with the bases.  Really, my only problem with them, but I'll get into that further down.

First, the bases themselves:
Only photographed eight of the bases.  One is on the Incubi.  Another, I forgot to pick up from the table.  Sucks because it was my favorite of the set.

I love these bases.  High quality resin and sculpting.  They ooze personality even before you add water effects to simulate blood pooling around the bones.(Which I fully intend to do when I have the cash for the water effects)

Now, here's the Secret Weapons base I ordered about two years ago for my Space Wolves.  This particular base belongs to the Runic Mountain set.

At this time, Secret Weapons was putting out a white resin product that I didn't really like.  Mine had a few air pockets on the bottom.  Not a huge deal.  Understandably, its a part of the casting process.  This is what they looked like unpainted.  These are not Runic Mountain bases, but part of an urban set I believe.
I wasn't quite satisfied with Secret Weapons quality so I switched to Dragonforge Miniatures Resin bases for the rest of my Space Wolves.  Notably, the Slate Wasteland series.  Here's an example.
As you can see, Dragon Forge uses a grey resin material.  Great bases.  I was happy with them from the start.

Complaints with the Bone Field Secret Weapons bases:
Not many to be honest.  I had a couple with their previous resin, but they seem to have moved to grey resin so those complaints are moot.  My only complaint is that they're too full of cool ass detail.  The bones make it a bit challenging to properly base your model.  Small complaint and with some creative thinking this is easily handled.


I like where Secret Weapons seems to have gone with this line.  My previous problems with their products aren't applicable now.  This impresses me because a good business is constantly changing and improving.  I'm going to continue buying from both; Dragonforge and Secret Weapons.  Both companies have great shipping times, fair pricing, and the quality disparity is unnoticeable.  Dragonforge is a smaller scale operation, but the man behind it has recently spoken about expanding his operation on his blog.(He works by himself as I understand it)  Secret Weapons carries more than just bases in their product lines.  They have some good washes licensed from Les from Awesomepaintjob on Youtube.  If you haven't seen his videos go check them out.

Second part of the review is coming as soon as I can get the water effects and fully paint the test Incubi.  It'll be painted in the same fashion as my previously featured test Incubi.

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