Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dark Eldar FAQ Update

DE Faq Update Here

So, it would appear that all they did was update the Crucible of Malediction's rules.  No big surprises.  I already played the item this way.  Kind of strange that they released an entire FAQ for this.  Maybe a Dev at GW plays Grey Knights?

Q: Does every psyker in a unit of psykers, which are in
range of the Crucible of Malediction when it is opened,
have to take a Leadership test? (p60)
A: Yes. The notable exceptions to this are units with the
Brotherhood of Psykers special rule. These units just
take a single test, and will loose a single model if

So...pretty much the only psyker defense, which is offensive, is still virtually useless against an army composed entirely of psykers.  Thanks?  I don't know why they felt the need to clear this up though.  If you read the CoM info and the Brotherhood of Psykers blurb in the GKC it was pretty clear how this would play out.  AbusePuppy, I believe it was, pretty much spelled it out when I brought up the CoM a while ago.

Q: Does the Crucible of Malediction affect vehicles that
are also psykers? (p60)
A: No.

Basically, vehicles that are psykers...somehow don't count as Psykers.  Despite being driven by Psykers.  This is kind of stupid in my opinion.  I know that GW prefers to act like a vehicle has no passengers while its on the table and intact, but...come on.

It's a 20 point piece of wargear that's virtually useless against more than a single model in an entire army.(in most cases)  Hell, a single model that's always LD10.  How often do people screw up rolling under a ten?  Throw us a bone.  It even has random range!  Why would anyone take this now?

And...that't it!  No one's sent them an email about, oh I don't know, errata'ing the Court of the Archon rules so that people might actually buy the models they're putting out?  I thought for sure that they'd change the 1-* listing.  Especially, since the internet has declared that GW only writes rules to sell models.

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