Saturday, August 6, 2011

Games Day '11 Skaven Warlord WIP and Terrain WIP

Maybe 85% done with this mini.  I don't play Warhammer Fantasy, but I had to get him.  If I did play WFB I'd definitely play Skaven as I really dig the models.  The main impediment for collecting them is...ignoring the fact that I already have a mountain of plastic...its horde nature.  So many models to paint!  These pictures sort of make it look like crap, but it looks a lot better in person for some reason.  I'd say decent table top standard.  I have one more of this model unassembled.  Probably going to eBay it, but I don't know...

If anyone's interested in buying the my extra Skaven Warlord just email me at  Like I said, I'm not entirely sure if I want to sell it, but I might be convinced.

This bit of terrain is compliments of Games Workshop.  I made it during their "Terrain Make and Take" event at Games Day '11.  Basically, they had a ton of terrain sprues and you had about 30-45 minutes to cut, clean, and construct some usable terrain.  Very cool and I'm very glad I got to do this.

This set is not actually what I made at GD.  The time rush didn't leave a lot of time to plan out and design a playable building.  I did what I could and tore it apart when I got home.  So this is what I made with more time on my hands.  Its worth mentioning that this is my first attempt at assembling terrain.

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