Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forgeworld: Awesome or The Ultimate Evil?

Having just laid down a unifying layer of GS to my Rune Priest in order to make the top view more smooth I had time sitting and staring at it cure.

I took this time to get something done for my Mark of the Wulfen GH.  I've decided to denote their special status through facial tattoos and two close combat weapons.(at least for now...I've got my eyes on the Maxmini Werewolf heads)

First one will have two chain axes.  I ordered a pack of ten resin axes from Forgeworld a while back and this was a chance to use another two.  The pack includes two different marks of Chain Axes.  They're separated by the shape of their heads.  THEY ARE INSANELY FRAGILE.

My first attempt at modeling these was less than successful.  I initially tried green stuffing it to a hand, but that didn't stick after drying.  I then just super glued it, but the shaft itself snapped under the pressure of me painting it with Boltgun Silver.  Did I mention they were fragile?

Best option is simple pinning...despite the hassle of drilling a thin resin shaft.(the reason I didn't pin on the first GW)

First cut the axe to fit the arm you're pinning it too.  You don't want an axe thats too long or too short.  Just right.
Play with the shaft a bit until you find a reasonable center point.  The resin is soft and thin so it won't drill as cleanly as normal plastic.  When you've got a decent depth work the drill bit around in a circle while its in the shaft to widen the hole a bit.  CAREFULLY or you'll break your costly resin.
Drill a corresponding hole into the hand you want to pin the axe too.  Now, don't do what I did and actually line up the hole with the pommel already on the arm...if there is.

Notice how professional that looks?  Meh, hopefully no one will notice...I know they will, but thats the story I'm going with.
Anyways, its not that different than how you'd normally pin plastic, but it demands a tad bit more care.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
Use old paper clips.  Don't waste cash/etc on pinning rods from hobby sites/stores.
I generally put super glue over the hand hole and then put the paper clip into it.  Let it dry a minute and then use hobby clippers to cut away the rest of the paper clip.  That way you won't have shards of metal flying when you cut.  Use more super glue when applying the resin.(Pro-Tip: Plastic glue won't work well.  Super glue always for metal and resin!)

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