Thursday, July 21, 2011

Completed Test Grey Knight Purifier

This guy's done for the most part.  I'm saving the final touch up and the right shoulder pad free hand for when I've gotten all fifteen to this stage for continuity's sake.  For the record, the client's having me paint up five Terminators, five Purifiers, and five Interceptors.  Possibly a Razorback and a Rhino, but that really depends.

I want to disavow any responsibility for assembling them.  He did that all himself; much to my chagrin.  There's one GK in particular that you'll see eventually.  He put the hands on backwards.  Le sigh.  Its only a $7 model why bother looking at it for more than ten seconds before gluing it right?  When I pointed it out he was like, "well...I wanted it that way."  Ok...if he wanted the NFW to point a particular way... he should have taken the time to cut the hands off and reposition them correctly.  To which he responded, "shut up and paint monkey."  Oh well.  I have been ripping arms off and fixing them where I can because a lot of them weren't even glued on all the way.

I have a lot of my own stuff to paint and I'm really only doing this so I have some extra mad money to burn at Games Day Chicago.  Now, the question I keep asking myself is...can I crank out all fifteen in time for the 30th? Its possible since I'm not doing these to a really high standard.(As if I have a high standard :))  I'm only doing these for $3 a model.  Thats what he offered me and, really, if he'd asked nicely I probably would have done them for free.  They just wouldn't have been pushed to the top of my To-Do List.

The Force Weapon pissed me off immensely.  I had it looking great, but for some dumb reason I kept adding paint so the wet blend turned into wet ass as the shade dried under the mid and high tones.

This side of the NFW looks a lot better imo.  Notice the messed up Inquisition symbol on the shoulder pad book?  Yeah...


  1. I like the green power weapon effect even if you say it did go wrong. It contrasts really well the rest of the model.

    The metallics for the armour are incredibly crisp and sharp. How did you achieve that?

  2. Not through any skill of my own I assure you. For steel/silver/etc metallics I use Vallejo Model Air paints. They work great with a regular brush because of how refined the pigments are. Really smooth application and you don't have to thin the paint at all.