Saturday, July 30, 2011

Games Day '11 Forgeworld Seminar Info Dump

This is a precursor to video of the full seminar.  Its uploading, ever so slowly, to Youtube as I type.

Big news summary for folks that cannot wait:

More Contemptor arms.(Plasma Cannon, Heavy Conversion Beamer, Typhoon Launchers and Assault Cannons on each arm, Heavy Bolters)
Imperial Armour 11 is set for sale Nov-Dec.(He said Holidays)
Imperial Armour 12 is likely to feature Dark Eldar(edit: contrary to what the speaker seemed to hint I've seen info that indicates that DE might be in IA 13 instead)
More Marine Armor variants to come...
More Marine shoulder pad sets...
More Land Raider Variants(a plasma cannon variant was explicitly mentioned)
They will continue to introduce Special Character models from the Badab War.(A beautiful Techmarine with a conversion beamer was shown off)
A full picture of the huge Dark Eldar skimmer was shown

And lots of Warhammer Forge stuff that I didn't really care about, but I have footage of that as well!  The Skaven Brood Mother was all that really stuck out in my mind.

That's all off the top of my head, but the full seminar footage is forthcoming.  Tonight is likely, but I cannot guarantee it because I'm looking at the first part and there's still about 100 minutes left on the upload.

Forgive the poor writing please.  I'm starving because I refuse to pay concession stand prices and this plate of curry chicken is calling my name.