Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scourge WIP 2

This one's nearly finished.  Not sure how I want to do up the Haywire Blaster yet.  The other two Scourges I have assembled are holding me up a bit.  I'm painting the other "bat wing" Scourge in natural Dark Eldar skin tones.  Trying to decide how I want to work highlights.  The Solarite's wings are feathered so I also have some highlighting planning to do on that.  I'm thinking I might move on to my second squad of Warriors or my Wracks until I figure out how I'm going to handle the Solarite.


  1. Very nice, i love the way you've done the hair/feathers

  2. very funky, i like your paint scheme

  3. Thanks guys. Very cool of you to say.