Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bone Field Bases Review Part Deux

Here's a completed base as an example.  The Incubi is not completed.  I still need to clean up a lot of the stuff on him and finish the gems.

I'm pleased with how it came out.  The blood level is a bit low, but I'm refining my process.

The Good:  The bases made by Secret Weapons Miniatures are sculpted very well in my opinioin.  Easy to paint and look great when finished.  Note: you don't have to fill them in with blood.  They are perfectly fine when painted normally, but I prefer them this way because of my army theme.  The resin is soft and easy to work with.  IE Drilling, Pinning, Cutting  Pricing is very fair in my opinion.

The Bad:  They're light.  This poses a problem with metal minis and minis that aren't completely centered.

As you can see, this Scourge is mounted on a rock as part of its sculpt.  This meant few of the bases could actually be used without scraping out some of those lovely bones.  It also meant that I had to find a proper open area on the base to pin the mini.  In this case, the rear of the base.  The weight of the resin was a major problem.  I solved it by drilling three holes and gluing shotgun pellets into them as a counter weight at the front of the base.  Any material can be used as a counter weight.  Its not hard to do, but it is an extra hurdle.

The bases are slightly too small to comfortably fit a model that doesn't have its legs ramrod straight below its body.  I'm sure you could tell this from the first pictures.  Some filing/cutting has to be done in order to fit one or more of the feet over the edges of the base.

Final Verdict:  I love them.  Minor frustrations aside, these are great bases for certain armies.  A pro painter could put out even higher quality than I did above.  I've got thirty 25mm bases and five 40mm bases to deck out a good sized portion of my Dark Eldar.  Once complete, I've already got a display board theme all mapped out.  Blood Orgy!!

Definitely worth the very reasonable price that Secret Weapons is asking.

I'll be putting up a tutorial on how to get the blood effect within the next couple days.

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