Friday, June 17, 2011

Thoughts on Dark Eldar psychic defense

We have none. Thanks for reading folks!

Seriously though, it makes perfect sense that an army of Eldar that hunt Eldar and hate psykers would lack almost any response to psykers.

We actually have two avenues to tackle psykers. One wargear item and one HQ.

First, we have Lady Malys. She makes any unit she is a part of immune to psychic abilities. This has rather limited applications in game, but it is...something.

Second, we have the Crucible of Malediction. It's limited to Haemonculae and you may only have one per army. What does it do you ask?

Once per game, during the shooting phase, a Haemy may opt to use this in place of his normal shooting attacks. Every psyker within 3d6 must pass a leadership test or be removed from play with no saves.

Big deal right? Most Psykers are LD 8-10. Here's my thought. I may be pulling this directly out of my ass, but...Grey Knights.

They're ALL psykers. Even their vehicles. Imagine forcing everything within 18" to roll individual tests. I haven't tried this on an opponent yet as it seems rather beardy, but I'd appreciate any thoughts.

Am I being stupid or is there something to this? We desperately need something because the latest FAQ made it a lot easier for GKs to insta-kill us.(like they needed help)


  1. If that GK trick works, would be a good thing to take to a tournament. Just check with the organizer first.

  2. Brotherhood of Psykers specifies that only the sarge in the squad is affected by "targets psykers" attacks like Cruicible- so each squad would have to test, and on a failure they lose their sarge. (Independent character psykers in range would likewise have to test.)

    You are correct on their vehicles, however- they all (except Chimeras) have the Psychic Pilot rule and would thus be removed on a failed test. Precedent from Lukas the Trickster in the SW FAQ implies that squads inside would likewise be killed with no defenses allowed.

    DE deal with GK less by using psychic defenses and more by playing to their natural strengths- speed, range, and hitting power. With the ability to pummel them from 36" using most guns, DE can give them a very bad time, because GK's big weakness is that it has a glass jaw- yes, its dudes are amazing for the price, but they're still expensive, which means not having many of them. Add in that they are no tougher than any other Marine and you have an army that really can't afford to lose models- and Venoms are very good at mowing down troops on foot, like GK tend to be. Lances will likewise hurt them, since they can be used in quantity, and Night Shields, if taken, put a HUGE dampener on their ability to reach you.

  3. Just looked that up and you're spot on Puppy. I should have remembered that in the GK book. Thanks for the responses guys.