Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haemonculus #2 WIP 2

I did a little more work tonight.  The stitching looks a lot better in person, but by looking at the pictures I'll have to clean it up tomorrow.  The metallics need to be highlighted.  The grey highlight on the apron will need one more highlight of a lighter grey because its looking too flat right now.

I also started prepping the Wracks.  Whilst doing so I noticed one of them was missing about a two millimeter chunk out of the right ankle.  I phoned GW up and they're sending me out another box of Wracks.  GW's customer service is second to none.  I've had them do this for me before when I bought a Lightning Claw Wolf Guard and it showed up without a backpack in the blister.  Hopefully, I'll be able to green stuff the ankle and then I'll have ten Wracks instead of only five.  Overall, I'm pleased with Finecast.  Once GW gets its quality control issues down I think people will forget all about metals.  That is, if the internet can get over its nerd rage and move on with their lives.  Hey, if I(being someone that has actually spent money on Finecast as opposed to the thousands of others out there raging against it without ever having spent a dime) can hobby along without hissing and spitting then so can everyone else.  Fear is the mind killer.


  1. Love the freehand on the cape, great work.

  2. Very nice of you to say dude. Thanks for commenting.

  3. My own Haemonculus had no fingers on his glove hand and no friggin´ toes. I was mad as hell until i read your Dune quote. Will now stop raging and try to greenstuff toes and fingers even though I´m hardly the Kwisatz Haderach of sculpting... Anyhoo, nice paintjob. I still think red and black is one of the most effective combinations for "evil" armies.