Friday, June 10, 2011

Some Dark Eldar Vehicle magnetization

Currently magnetizing my new Venom and a Ravager I've had sitting on the shelf.  I'm not 100% satisfied with the Venom splinter cannon.  Its sitting a little too high because of the space needed for the magnet and the really flimsy tab that they put onto the turret in the first place.  I still have to trim down the green stuff though so we'll see how it ends up.  The underslung splinter cannon/twin linked splinter rifle mounts will be a snap though.

The Ravager was kind of a nightmare because of huge gaps between the bottom and the sides.  Filled those with green stuff.  Put magnets on the sponson mounts to allow for me to run it as Raider when needed.  I'm currently working out how I'm going to mount magnets on the side guns because they're rather flimsy as well.  Its so much easier to magnetize Marine vehicles.  Ugh, the Talos/Cronos is going to be just as bothersome.  Oh well, I love the versatility of magnets so its just something to adapt too.

Time to buy more green stuff too!

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