Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dark Eldar Carnival of Flesh Haul (pic heavy)

Didn't direct order the Grotesques, as I do not like the unit, and although the Razorwing looks great for a reasonable price I prefer the Void Raven.  I'll be waiting for that rather than converting a VR out of the RW.  Very pleased with these models.  You can see the Finecast has excessive flash, but most of it is thin enough to peel off with your fingers.  The material is soft like resin, but not nearly as brittle.


  1. That Haemonculi's pose is shouting "COME AT ME, BRO!" Haha. Loving it. I'm actually running a counts-as Dark Eldar using Ork models and I'm running Wracks and Haemonculi as well..

  2. Nice thanks for the pics this helps me to decide to get them as was a little on the fence but these are great models.!

    Now paint them!

  3. The Wracks look really good, I just wish they were a little bit less mono-pose. Still a pretty decent kit, though.

  4. @Minitrol My pile of grey models keep getting bigger! I pushed everything aside in order to tackle my Scourges as they are my favorite models to date.

    @Scarvald That sounds like an interesting project for sure. T3 Orks might make you sad in the long run though ;)

    @AbusePuppy Until the Wracks were in my hands I was sure the Scourges were Mini of the Year material. Now its pretty close imo. You're right about the static poses, but I'm thinking about experimenting with one of them to work out a different pose. I feel bad about cutting them though!