Friday, June 10, 2011

Rune Priest Kitbash

One of the best things to happen to Space Marine players this year was the release of plastic Grey Knights in Terminator armor and Power armor.  Finally, we have plastic psychic hoods to play with.  Until now we've resorted to cutting up shoulder pads and converting our own with inconsistent snippets of art work as reference material.  The All Father has seen fit to shine his light down upon the faithful.  Its unfortunate that it came in the form of the vile Grey Knights, slayers of Daemons and the Imperium's heroes alike.  C'est la vie, non?

Pics!  I'm still playing with my choice of heads.  I'm leaning towards using the head seen in these pics, but I have not dismissed using a helm head.  I've got a Maxmini Steam Knight helm that I'm very tempted to use for this model.  The legs seem very bare to me, but I'm not quite sure what I could add to them to make them more wolfy without just dangling more wolf tails from them.  I have some brass etched from Forgeworld, but they're poorly sized for ordinary power armor models.

Pieces used in this model include:  Grey Knight torso, Grey Knight Ward Staff, Grey Knight head,  Assault Marine legs, Mk 5 shoulder pad, Space Wolf Pack pistol, Space Wolf Pack shoulder pad, and a power plant back pack from the Space Wolf upgrade sprue sold directly from GW's website(great stuff on this sprue).

And...because I'm in love with my latest purchases.

So I picked up a Venom, a box of Scourges, and a Talos/Cronos kit.  Look forward to these in the near future.  I'm currently magnetizing the Venom and a Ravager.  I'm going to try magnetizing the Talos/Cronos so I can field either/or...not sure whether it'll be successful or not, but we shall see.  I'll be reviewing the Scourges and the Talos/Cronos in the near future.  So far, I'm in love with my Scourges.  My favorite new models without a doubt.  I am, however, disappointed in the sprue.  They only include one of each weapon type.  To field a ten man unit with four Haywire Blasters I either; need to buy four boxes or buy bitz.  Guess which way I'll be going about it?  GW put out a beautiful box of models and then snuck in a little "screw you" to remind us that they love their customers.  Its as if they don't realize how much money they lose from packing decisions like this.

Also, expect the second part of my Secret Weapons Bone Field review to drop this weekend.  I'm been dragging ass on finishing my example, but its done now.  All thats left is to upload the pics.

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