Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIP Dark Eldar (various)

As always, lots of clean up still to do on all of these.  I'm not pleased with the Agonizers.  I tried layering instead of my usual technique of wet blending.  I did this because I was painting them all in a batch and wet blending demands a little more individual attention.  I think I'll stick to wet blending on power weapons from now on. The transition of layering is just too abrupt without glazing.  I'll probably add more coats of wash to see if I can fix it.

Marvel at the terrible color transition!

Lastly, I was going over my Wracks and I spotted an unfortunate miscast on one of their ankles.

I called GW up and they sent me another box so I can't be too angry about it.  I'm going to try to green stuff the ankle back into passable form.  Net result:  I just got five free Wracks.
So thats a full squad of ten most likely.  Although, I am playing with the idea of two squads of five in Venoms.  The problem is, Wracks aren't my first choice for claiming objectives.  The lack of grenades being their biggest problem in my mind.  I'm thinking a squad of ten to hold rear objectives is their best use for me.  Now, a tough decision.  Acothyst with Hex Rifle or Acothyst with splinter pistol/venom blade.  I do like the cheaper combo.  I was originally going with the SP/VB combo so that I could use the Hex Rifle bit on my next Haemonculus, but seeing as I have two now its back as a possibility.

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